a person who thinks and acts in an independent way, often behaving differently from the expected or usual way

person challenging the status quo, changing norms through innovative policies or ideas

This isn't about RIGHT or LEFT – this time it's PERSONAL


The MAVERICK PARTY’S first goal is to get western Canadian MAVERICK MPs to Ottawa in the next election so we have true western representation.

We love Canada too. But the system is broken.

HARSH REALITY #1 : No one listens if you just play along. The West is and has always been taken for a ride (we got in late to confederation and we got a bad deal).


HARSH REALITY #2 : Conservative or Liberal, the majority of votes they need to stay in power – are all in the east. So that’s who any Prime Minister and MPs will always work to please –  regardless of party. They want to be in power or stay in power.


HARSH REALITY #3 : Members of Parliament (MP)s always vote (99.6% of the time) with the party. Not independently. [more]


HARSH REALITY #4 : From 2007-2018 The West made 75% of the money for ALL of Canada. The East spent  87% of ALL of Canada’s money. And in the past four years, they have been crippling our energy sector, the financial engine of Canada.

What are we going to do that is DIFFERENT from all the other federal political parties?

We will only run in the WEST and the NORTHERN TERRITORIES (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut) so we have a true voice in Federal Government.

IT'S TIME to stand up for ourselves and make change happen

Are you a MAVERICK?

We’re ready to make history – and help to change a broken system.



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