Alberta's Firearms Torpedo


Alberta recently fired a torpedo into Ottawa’s gun legislation hopefully sinking Trudeau’s buyback proposal.

Justice Minister Tyler Shandro informed Ottawa that the province was not supporting the federal plan to confiscate the newly prohibited firearms and instructed Alberta RCMP not to take part in any such action. 

Trudeau may fire back by replacing any conflicted RCMP officers with ones who will obey the federal directive to push it through. This possibility magnifies the need for a provincial police service that does not answer to Ottawa. 

Autonomy is a core tenant of the Maverick platform. We will work to aid the province as they assert the measures they have at their disposal, one of which is the creation of provincial police forces.

As this current situation highlights, Ottawa can use its control over provincial police to enforce discriminatory laws that violate provincial authority over property rights. This must not be allowed to continue. 

A hard line must be drawn that only the provinces can make. Certainly, the only ones who Trudeau cannot ignore. 

An ever-increasing centralized federal government must be put on notice, especially from a western perspective, that we will no longer be ignored. 

A strong Maverick Party, vibrant in every western province, is key to making this happen. There are enough seats here in the West to give us the Official Opposition, where we would be a force to be reckoned with.

Become a member today and donate to help us draw the line. Tell your friends and family about us. We receive no other source of funding. The Maverick Party’s future is reliant on you. We must move forward, we must advance. To cease moving is to fail. 

Colin Krieger 

Maverick Party Leader 

Your Public Servant