ArriveCan a wolf in sheep's clothing!


There is an adage that says beware a wolf in sheep’s clothing - That something which looks harmless and useful may in fact be a trap with serious, life altering consequences.


Originally the voluntary ArriveCan app was proposed to help Canadians cross international borders safely and quickly. Your phone can easily verify your vaccination status and track your whereabouts during a subsequent quarantine order. While portrayed as just another tool to help stop the spread of the virus its use is now mandatory, with massive fines for non-compliance.


Even though the immediate danger of COVID is passed with hospitals not being running beyond capacity and no requirements for masks or social distancing ArriveCan lives on. Now labeled Border Modernization the Canadian government can now decide how and when you will be allowed to return home. The Wolf has shed its sheep's clothing and we can now see the fangs of a WEF initiative called the Known Traveller Digital Identity (KTDI) that Canada agreed to test out in 2019


The KTDI produces a score based on hotel visits, travel history, banking info, even what you buy plus a pre-crime risk assessment telling authorities if you meet their criteria to cross borders and if you are “Canadian" enough to be here. This is now becoming common practice in many countries such as China to keep "dissidents" in check.  


Like those pesky Canadian dissidents who criminally donated money to the recent Ottawa convoy movement and faced bank account seizures, arrest, and lengthy detention without trial or bail. 


"But", the government says, "ArriveCan is both safe and convenient to use and only accesses information given voluntarily." But for how long? Ben Franklin said that "Those who would give up Liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." 


The Federal government has consistently given us every reason to question their sincerity and both their ability and desire to protect us. It should now be instinctive to question anything the Federal government does. Their most recent carrot is $10/day daycare. Basically, using our tax dollars to buy votes. And in the process, they will determine what agencies can qualify and who can watch our kids, eliminating any options that do not agree with their mandates.


We must oppose this erosion of Western Canadian freedom tooth and nail. We cannot depend on the wolf to protect us from the dangers in the night. To form government every Federal party must first cater to the wants and needs of voters in Ontario and Quebec. Is that really in our best interest? The Maverick Party is the only party solidly committed to only representing Western interests. 


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Colin Krieger 

Maverick Party Leader 

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