Calgary-Signal Hill, AB

Ajay Copp



I was born and raised in the Signal Hill riding and have lived here my whole life. Growing up I was very active in the community, taking part in local sports teams, like football and local organizations, including scouts – all in my home riding.​

I originally attended the University of Saskatchewan, taking courses in Science. Ultimately, I changed my career path, worked in the customer service industry for a few years, eventually returning to school at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), specializing in Supply Chain Management. This education has provided me with the skills to analyze various industries and recommend ways to improve their unique supply chain requirements. When I wasn’t in school during the summer months, I worked in retail.

Although I am young compared to some of my Maverick candidate colleagues, I got involved with the Party for three main reasons: I was drawn to the credible and measured messaging, and the clear plan for greater autonomy for the West – providing two options that ultimately, Western Canadians will decide upon. 

Secondly, Maverick is the only federal party focused on the needs and best interests of the West. The other federal parties must secure votes in central Canada to get and stay in power. That is something the Maverick Party will never have to do.

And thirdly, because my future, and the future of my generation is at stake. I want my future to be in Western Canada, where we can realize our full potential without interference from Ottawa.

I believe Calgary-Signal Hill candidates in the past have not had our best interests in mind, and they lack the real-life, customer service skills to understand and appreciate what the people need and want from their representative and government. I will be a representative that listens and works with the Maverick Party to formulate realistic strategies that also involve proper execution.

As a Canadian who has family outside Western Canada, I want to see the West get a fair deal and have a strong voice in a unified Canada. 

For more information, contact [email protected]