Change starts with the Provinces!

Maverick members need to be more involved in provincial politics to achieve our main goal of autonomy. Provincial leaders have to take the first step.

Some of our members may have a  misconception that I am picking favorites - favorite candidates, favorite party, etc. Let me reassure you that this is not the case. It is the Maverick Party's desire to see autonomy for the Canadian West, that motivates this call to action, not favoritism.

A strong Provincial premier committed to Maverick's autonomy message greatly improves our ability to elect Maverick MPs in the expected 2025 federal election. 

While Alberta’s UCP leadership race is currently making headlines Maverick members can have influence all across the west.  

BC Premier John Horgan is stepping down. Although there are no contenders yet and no date set it is very likely that one will be far more supportive of autonomy than others. 

Saskatchewan's next election is October 2024 but between now and then will be several nomination races for sitting MLAs and those vying for the position. 

In Manitoba Heather Stefanson only won her leadership position in Oct 2021 and has not been without controversy and criticism.  With an election happening Oct 2023 there will be many nomination contests coming up. 

Given that only party members can vote in a nomination the vote is decided by a relatively small number of persons. Many MLA nominations have been decided by only a few hundred votes and by a margin a little as one vote. Stefanson won over her only opponent Shelly Glover, a former police officer by 363 votes. Only 16,500 out of 25,000 members voted. 

This is a huge opportunity for Maverick members to be highly influential in who represents a party in the next election. If we consistently choose someone who shares our goals and supports the Maverick message of autonomy then we are much closer to making it happen.  

I am NOT advocating Maverick members support or vote for any specific provincial party in a general election. I am asking our members to fully educate themselves on the choices and select who they feel is right.  But that does not stop us from having influence on who the candidates are within those parties. 

Its key to remember that the only requirements to joining most parties and vote for a candidate is 6 months occupancy in the province and being 14 years of age or over. Many people who cannot vote in a general election can have their voice heard within a party membership.  This can work for or against the Maverick Party message so we must be vigilant and active.

For too long Western Canadians have counted on our neighbors to do the "right thing" at the ballot box. Yet voter turnout alone is often barely above 50%. Too often we have let the "wrong" people get elected who drive us even closer to Ottawa's clutches and control.  We can and must do better. 

If we, as Mavericks, are serious about freeing Western Canada from Ottawa, we must be more involved than the norm. Freedom is never just given. It must be taken by action and effort. 

That means voting in nominations and leadership races. Being active on those campaigns. Investing our time and money to causes we believe in. Waking up our friends, family and neighbours from their political stupor and calling them to action. 

I will do my best to help keep you informed, in many different ways, including these emails, on our Maverick website (which is being revamped right now), and on social media. The Maverick Party is determined to be a force for good, even though we don’t have MP’s in the House yet. We will not sit still waiting for the next federal election.  

Democracy only works when we get involved and take action. I ask that you invest alongside me, with the Maverick Party. Buy a membership, donate and volunteer today. 

Your Servant, Colin Krieger 

Leader of the Maverick Party