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Cody Renz

Manitoba Councilor

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Cody Renz is a Reclamation Specialist with 12 years' experience working in the Oil & Gas sector. He earned his bachelor's degree in environmental management, and during the recent downturn in the energy sector, Cody executed an efficient reclamation/remediation program that led to cutting costs.

Cody is very active in his community and has been involved in the Elkhorn Ag Society for many years, sits on the board of MAAS – Manitoba Association of Agricultural Societies, is a member of the Canadian Legion and volunteer with 4H clubs judging speeches or manning cattle shows.

He is also a director with the Canadian Hays Converter Association and a member of Aubrac International Cattle Association and former Board of Governors member at Lakeland College.

Cody and his wife, Libby have two daughters and a farm west of Virden and south of Elkhorn MB.

Their operation strives to be progressive with land management and rotational grazing methods.

Cody became a member of the Maverick Party after seeing multiple resource projects cancelled, debt piling on, virtue signally coming from Ottawa then finally, when the Conservative party flip flopping on the Carbon tax, that was the last straw.

He believes Western Canada has a strong future, but we need to take control of that future and be united to defend our Western Canadian identity.

Maverick Party is the voice we need for Western Canadians.