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Colin Krieger

Leadership Candidate

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Colin Krieger is inspiring with his passion for change.  


Colin was a Maverick candidate in the last 2021 federal election. He campaigned on the reality that the Canadian West is in desperate need of proper representation in Ottawa. It is this need that drives him to take the next step in his political career, campaigning for the Maverick Party leadership. 

As a proud western Canadian, he is increasingly concerned with the direction that our federal politics have been taking.

“It is undeniable that our voices in the west are muted and largely ignored. The western beliefs of fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility and accountability, freedom of expression and property rights are trampled on. The current political parties are not able to address these issues, as they are also responsible to eastern Canadians interests, whose own issues are diametrically opposed to ours. The Maverick Party is the best way to address these issues.”  Colin Krieger

Colin will be a strong and determined voice, principled, and holding true to traditional Western values of hard work, integrity, and honesty. He is aware that these values cannot be claimed but must instead be earned. He is eager for the chance to do so. Colin is also adamant that our western voices should be heard, doing his best to unify our western culture while remaining true to our core.