Maverick Party Constitution


MAVERICK Party's Constitution is presented here and also available for download.

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1.1 The name of the Party is the “Maverick Party”.

1.2 The mission of the Maverick Party is to achieve greater fairness, recognition, and self-determination for Western Canada and Western Canadians by:

1.2.1 Promoting Constitutional amendments that benefit Western Canada; the appointment and election of Maverick Party Parliamentarians (Senate and House of Commons); and advocating for referenda in all Western provinces to ratify Constitutional amendments; and

1.2.2 Supporting the creation of an Independent Western Nation by winning secession through a majority vote in some or all Western Provinces and/or Northern Territories, or parts thereof.


2.1 We believe that the rights, freedoms and security of all who live in Western Canada must be respected and protected regardless of age, ability, ancestry, race, faith, sexual orientation or gender identity. These rights include the ownership of property free from confiscation or expropriation without proper compensation;

2.2 We believe the distinct culture and work ethic of Western Canadians must be respected, honoured and preserved while striving to evolve, adapt and improve as a result of changing circumstances. We are proud of our Western heritage;

2.3 We believe in grassroots, bottom-up, citizen-based, participatory democracy. We will be guided by Western common sense and fundamental free market values. Our policies will reflect the will of the people and our members;

2.4 We believe that every citizen is entitled to receive fair and equal access to quality education, health care and live free from fear for their personal safety and that of their family;

2.5 We believe in building a political party that values personal contributions to the Maverick Party and a society in which personal differences are respected;

2.6 We believe that the primary responsibility of a properly functioning justice system is to protect the innocent and promote the deterrence of criminal activities;

2.7 We believe in establishing a party that best represents Westerners by welcoming individuals who contribute to a broad-based membership. We are not affiliated with any provincial political parties. However, we encourage our members to join, support and volunteer for any provincial political party they believe best represents their views; and

2.8 We believe that every vote in the House of Commons by Maverick Members of Parliament must be put to one simple test: “Is our support (or opposition) good for the West and the citizens we represent?”


The goals of the Maverick Party are to:

3.1 Organize Electoral District Association’s (EDAs) pursuant to the Canada Elections Act;

3.1.1 Nominate and/or appoint Parliamentary candidates for the Senate and House of Commons of Canada;

3.1.2 Raise public, media and political awareness of the Maverick Party, its Guiding Principles, Goals, Objectives, Policies and Candidates and encourage Maverick Party members and individuals to make positive and constructive contributions to any of these whenever and wherever possible;

3.1.3 Develop and promote Maverick Party policies and election platform and implement strategies to achieve successful outcomes; and

3.1.4 Promote greater Western autonomy and the need for Western Provincial Independence Referenda.


4.1 The governance of the Maverick Party shall follow these primary objectives:

4.1.1 Full representation of the interests and views of the members in the spirit and context of “True Western Representation”;
4.1.2 Regular communications from the Party Council, Maverick Party Fund, and Leader to EDAs to share information on Maverick Party activities, policies, initiatives, thus promoting transparency, inclusivity and accountability;

4.1.3 Developing and promoting a policy development process that encourages and respects the participation of members, resulting in policies discussed and adopted at Conventions which contribute to the Maverick Party’s campaign platform;

4.1.4 Pursuing fiscally prudent, transparent and accountable fundraising and financing, coordinated with Maverick Party activities and EDA fundraising efforts to meet the Maverick Party’s objectives; and

4.1.5 Democratic representation of the membership at conventions.

4.2 Party Council Members, Leadership Selection Organization Committee Members, Maverick Party Fund Directors and Party Staff will remain neutral during all nomination election and leadership selection contests.


5.1 Council, candidates, volunteers, staff and EDAs promote a respectful community; treat all volunteers, employees and community members with respect, courtesy and dignity; avoid insensitive or offensive language; refrain from engaging in physical or emotional violence toward others; and make efforts to understand and honor the local culture.

5.2 All Maverick Party representatives, whether volunteers or paid employees of the Maverick Party, shall at all times:

5.2.1 Maintain the highest level of honesty, integrity and decorum in their actions, be they physical, verbal or written;

5.2.2 Understand that their actions, whether intentionally or unintentionally, may reflect on the Party as a whole; Strive to promote and represent the Maverick Party’s values, mission, guiding principles, and political platforms;

5.2.3 Maintain confidentiality for the communications and information to which they are privy; and

5.2.4 Support and encourage other volunteers and peers of the Maverick Party.


6.1 All Maverick Party representatives, whether volunteers or paid employees of the Maverick Party, shall at all times:

6.1.1 Strive to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to them by Maverick Party members;

6.1.2 Keep accurate documentation and records relating to all Maverick Party activities under their scope of responsibility;

6.1.3 Be able to connect with the electorate and focus on their concerns;

6.1.4 Be interested in improving their accountability to their electorates;

6.1.5 Be capable of developing their openness and that of the decision-making committees on which they serve; and

6.1.6 Promote the need for financial transparency; and accountability to the members.

6.2 Where a Maverick Party representative has strayed from the above Code of Ethics and Conduct, or in failing to provide transparency and accountability they must be willing to accept gentle correction from their peers and act to rectify their actions. Where not able or willing to rectify their actions, they must willingly and peacefully resign their positions.


7.1 The following may propose amendment(s) to the Constitution for consideration at a Party Convention:

7.1.1 Party Council;

7.1.2 The Leader; and/or

7.1.3 Any four (4) EDAs from at least two (2) regions of Western Canada, on approval of a majority vote of the Party Council of directors or the membership of each of those EDAs at a duly constituted meeting of each called for that purpose, subject to such requirements as may be set out by Party Council.

7.2 Proposed constitutional amendment(s) must be submitted sixty (60) days before a Party Convention and must have signatures of twenty-five (25) Members supporting any such amendments. The Maverick Party shall cause the text of all proposed amendments duly received to be provided to the members.

7.3 Constitutional amendment requires (1) the approval of two-thirds +1 eligible voting members who voted on the proposed amendment; and (2) a majority of votes in each of the five regions. For the purpose of this provision, the Territories together shall constitute one Province.

7.4 Voting shall occur in person by a show of voting cards or by a mail in ballot, whichever is deemed most appropriate under the circumstances as determined by the Convention Committee.

7.5 After each Party Convention at which delegates approve amendments to the Constitution, Party Council shall ensure that a consolidated version of the Constitution is prepared, incorporating all of the amendments made at the Party Convention, and following legislative practice in preparing such a consolidation by correcting any numerical, typographical, grammatical, syntax or translation errors that may otherwise exist in the text.