Cypress Hill-Grasslands, SK

Mark Skagen



I have lived my life in Western Canada; BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan, and have loved every part of it.

In my many years of experience I have worked in forests, fields, offices, and stores, starting at 13 moving irrigation pipes by hand, and general farm work.

I was a roughneck on drilling rigs, a driller at 21, trained as a financial advisor through Investors Group and became a district manager by 25. I was also a partner in a commercial Real Estate Co until the devastating downturn in 1982.

I worked with Canadian Federation of Independent Business and spent considerable time hearing the concerns and valid frustrations of Western businesses and agricultural operators. I also rose to senior VP of Operations for a Canadian-based oil company.

Through it all, I’ve worked with government, academics, environmentalists, and customers, and like many Western Canadians, I’m as comfortable in overalls as I am in a suit.

My wife, Linda has been incredibly supportive as we were blessed with seven children, and now have five beautiful grandchildren. My family, and the generations to come, are my motivation to advocate for their futures and a brighter outlook for all Western Canadians, filled with opportunity and economic stability.

As a federal Member of Parliament for the Maverick Party, I will represent and respect all constituents, whether they wield a hammer or a pen. And I will share what I have learned and value about frugality, responsibility, and strong ethics.

Together we can achieve greater autonomy for the West, with freedom and dignity for all.

I eagerly look forward to playing my part in this exciting Maverick Party movement and representing the great people of Cypress Hills-Grasslands, Saskatchewan.

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