Division-Political Gain or Folly?

Division is what Trudeau consistently uses in his efforts to stay in power. By pitting one sector of Canadians against another he amplifies the impact of catering to his voter base at the cost of a unified country.  

Most recently he uses gun rights and ownership to pit urban and rural voters against each other.  

Against a backdrop of real violence elsewhere in the world to raise and push the rhetoric, he pretends that simply owing a firearm contributes to gun violence. This is a blatant lie. Legally owned firearms are almost never used in gun violence.  Yet urban Canadians who see gang violence in the headlines are easily swayed to believe fiction over fact. 

This truth has been openly reported by various prominent police chiefs, who tell us that it is illegally obtained guns that are the problem, not the ones held by our responsible citizens. 

This open disregard for Canadian unity is not only sad but causes concern for the future of Canada. As the saying goes, “a house divided against itself can’t stand”.  

The Maverick Party is working on behalf of Western Canada, even now, to oppose this willful recklessness. The first step to solving any problem is honest examination of what the problem is and where it comes from. 

We must work together, at all levels of government to make the Liberal elite hear us. 

If you can help spread truth over fiction I would welcome it. Either as a volunteer (email us at [email protected]) or by helping out financially. The Maverick Party is FOR western Canada and it’s unity, pushing back a overreaching federal government. 


Your servant and Maverick Party leader, 

Colin Krieger