Do the Liberals want a food shortage?

Farmers worldwide are making the trucker convoy protest look like a Sunday picnic. Farmers in the Netherlands brought the country to a standstill clogging almost every major roadway in protest. While inflation drives up grain and produce costs at the store, that money is not reaching farmers who face even higher escalating costs of production. Government interference is a key part of their frustration where leaders like Trudeau are adding insult to injury with a call to restrict the use of fertilizers by 30% as part of a poorly planned Carbon Net Zero strategy. 

Today's farm production is a carefully orchestrated symphony of field management.  All phases of planting, growing, cultivating, and shipping produce are carefully planned and executed to maximize production and prevent worldwide starvation. On top of periodic droughts, bad weather at critical moments in the process, hail, insects, and other natural crises, they must introduce an exact measure of fertilizer in the soil needed to return vital nutrients so that production can continue unabated. 

50 years ago, the world's population was less than half of what it is today, yet doom Sayers like Paul Ehrlich were predicting the certainty of mass starvation while others were predicting the end of fossil fuels reserves. But new technology and scientific advancement have prevailed in both fields creating a geometric growth in farm production.  This comes at enormous cost however and razor thin financial margins.  Scientific breakthroughs in fertilizer development are a key part of what farmers 50 years past would call nothing short of miraculous. 

In their blind rush to reduce carbon footprints many leaders completely miss the impact of their folly. Financial chaos will drive many farmers out of business. Falling production yields will follow the cuts in fertilizer usage.  Trying to feed 8 billion people their daily bread will become next to impossible under these drastic and totally nonsensical guidelines. 

The war in Ukraine has already decimated much of this year's production which Europe depends so heavily on. If anything, Canada needs to step up food production over the next few years to keep pace with demand.  Our farmers need our support and help to keep the unthinkable shadow of starvation from falling upon tens of millions in dire need. 

How is it possible that the NDP and Liberals can be so blind to world needs that they demand we cut back on both food production and clean energy at a time when the world is in desperate need for both? Canada's LNG can be replacing coal use in many parts of the world.  Our grain and produce can be filling the store shelves and bellies of a billion people.  Logic and future thinking must prevail over blind adherence to a Carbon timeline that will leave the world in tatters and chaos.  

Flood your MPs with letters, calls, and emails. Shout your support for the farming community on all your social media channels. Join and support the Maverick party as we fight back against dangerous federal overreach into areas of provincial domain. 

Colin Krieger 

Your Public Servant, 

Maverick Party Leader