1. The Maverick Party supports repealing Bills C-48 (North Pacific Tanker Ban) and C-69 (No New Pipelines).

  2. The Maverick Party will advocate for increased exploration and mining of minerals to expand our capacity for future manufacturing of goods and resources for Canadians first and then for export purposes.

  3. The Maverick Party will advocate for the export of our leading-edge technologies in the areas of oil, natural gas, LNG, hydrogen, and carbon sequestration to assist other nations in reducing their harmful emissions.

  4. The Maverick Party supports the creation of national energy corridors to develop Energy East, Trans Mountain Pipeline, Keystone Pipeline, Northern Gateway, and new potential pipelines such as Fort McMurray to Valdez and Fort McMurray to Churchill Manitoba.

  5. The Maverick Party urges all levels of government to accelerate opportunities to develop energy corridors with First Nations partners to ship our ethical energy to world markets.