1. The Maverick Party supports scrapping the national carbon tax in its entirety and advocates all western provinces scrap any provincial carbon taxes.

  2. The Maverick Party will advocate for market-based approaches to environmental protection, including reduction of GHG emissions.

  3. The Maverick Party will advocate for increased investment in innovation and research into developing new technologies and upgrading existing production facilities to reduce GHG emissions.

  4. The Maverick Party will advocate for energy options such as nuclear, thermal, LNG, hydrogen and carbon capture projects to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions in western Canada.

  5. The Maverick Party advocates that no large emitters of GHG emissions be given an environmental exemption (e.g., Quebec's Port Daniel cement plant) and that tougher penalties be administered to those releasing pollutants into Canada's waterways. Furthermore, we advocate that a portion of any fines be directed towards additional research and development of cleaner fuel (e.g., oil, natural gas, hydrogen, or carbon sequestration).

  6. The Maverick Party supports the view that environmental considerations must carry equal weight with economic, social, and technical considerations in the development of a project.

  7. The Maverick Party supports tax incentives to private companies to continue their global leadership in the research and development of leading-edge technology development of clean energy.

  8. The Maverick Party supports assisting private companies in exporting clean energy technology to the world’s heavy emitters (China, India etc.) We will encourage these countries to switch from coal to LNG to reduce their emissions and will advocate for government policy that ensures they have access to cleaner burning energy.

  9. The Maverick Party encourages all levels of government in Canada to become cheerleaders for responsible resource extraction and development, including ethical oil at home and abroad.

  10. The Maverick Party calls upon central and eastern Canadians to end the hypocrisy of being critical of the West’s ethical oil while importing dirty, unethical oil from other countries. Ensure unethical foreign oil is financially penalized for “bad practices”.

  11. The Maverick Party supports an import levy on every barrel of imported oil with an offsetting credit for every barrel of oil the exporting country imports from Canada. XII. The Maverick Party does not support further economic impositions on Canadian citizens in a futile attempt to achieve the unrealistic expectations and goals agreed to by the Liberals under the Paris Climate Accord.