Every day Inflation is stealing your money and making it harder for you to survive. !

Every day the current Liberal government is creating more and more inflation, like a black hole, sucking away at your purchasing power.

Inflation makes everything more expensive by driving up the price or decreasing the packaging size (some call this “shrinkflation”). We now have to make decisions about what we can afford. Can we afford a full tank at the gas pump? Do we get a less expensive cut of meat? Do we pay the rent, the power bill or buy food?   

Sadly, it isn’t going to get better anytime soon.    

Trudeau’s policies, particularly pandemic related literally doubled our national debt to over a trillion dollars - adding billions to the rising cost of servicing that debt.  

How can we deal with this black hole and prevent our wealth from disappearing?  

As Western Provinces we need to maximize our resources and minimize the federal over reach that threatens our prosperity and ability to take action. We may not be able to control the incendiary liberal policies that threaten to burn our economy to the ground but we do not have to go up in flames with it.  

Western resources are high value products that the world is in desperate need of. Energy, food, lumber, plastics and others provide well-paying jobs that can provide security to our families. Economic prosperity can help offset rising debt and service costs.  

Yet Trudeau and the NDP are scuttling the very life boats that can save us. Energy production is being capped. A proposed 30% decrease in fertilizer use can not only hurt agricultural production but may lead to worldwide famine.  

The Maverick Party is the best political way forward. The Liberals are a dumpster fire of nonsensical green ideology. the Conservatives (no matter the leader) are trapped by a system that relies on pleasing eastern voters at the expense of western priorities. And the NDP have lost their way, alienating their traditional supporters for a few moments of power and glory.   

If united, the Canadian West can influence the country, return sanity, and steer clear of the black hole.  And once united we cannot lose this authority no matter which party sits in the Prime Minister’s chair.   

In 1993 it was the Western Reform Party which forced the Chretien Liberals to balance the federal budget not the Conservatives. Over the past two decades it has been the Bloc that has forced both Conservative and Liberal prime ministers to acquiesce to Quebec demands.    

Without immediate and direct action, the West may never be able to get out from under this growing mountain of debt.  We need your help. Get involved by purchasing a membership today. Volunteer to help your local EDA. We need a grassroots movement that can stop the Federal Overreach into Provincial matters. 


Colin Krieger  

Your Public Servant,  

Maverick Party Leader