Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

The Maverick Party is the Voice of the West in the House of Commons. We VOW to be the Western Solution to the current dysfunction in Canadian Confederation.

What Are We?

The Maverick Party is the ONLY federal party that represents Western Canadians exclusively (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the three territories). We vow to be the federal voice for Western Canadians in the House of Commons.

Why is the Maverick Party Needed?
The West has little to no impact on who forms the federal government.

How many federal elections have you watched where the next government is determined before your Western vote is even counted? All federal parties need seats in Ontario and Quebec to win government. Even when elected western MPs are part of government, the Western voice is often ignored to gain eastern support.

Federal Government Overreach

Federal governments have increasingly interfered in provincial jurisdictions and the West has suffered for this disproportionally. Because our region cannot elect a federal government, we have become an easy target for federal overreach and our objections are not heard. Maverick Party will be your voice in the House of Commons, working towards fairness and equity for the West.

The West is under-represented in the Senate

Ontario and Quebec hold the balance of power in the Senate. With Canadian Senators being appointed by sitting government until the age of 75, there is no accountability to Canadians on the very important decisions and votes they make. The West’s voice, already under-represented, rests in the hands of an unelected body with no protection for less populated regions.

Concentration of Population

More than 50% of the Canadian population resides in an Ontario and Quebec corridor. This region determines the federal governments for all of Canada. Decisions affecting the lives of Western Canadians are being made by people who don’t fully understand the West. Mavericks live in the West. We understand the issues that face us and are in the best position to advocate for the West.

Why is regional representation important?

The Maverick Party exists to represent Western Canadians. This means we will never run candidates outside of Western Canada. It also means Maverick Party MPs will only support what is good for the West. We don’t have to worry about voters in Ontario and Quebec because we are not trying to represent them, as other parties are. Imagine, the strong voice of the West being heard in the House of Commons.

Is the Maverick Party a separatist party?

No, the Maverick Party is NOT a separatist party. Separation is not the Maverick Party’s first choice. Our first choice is a better deal for the West. Separation from Confederation is the right of every province and must be initiated at the provincial level.

If a Western province, with the support of its electorate, wants to hold a referendum on separation from Confederation, Maverick MPs will advocate for that province. The House of Commons must rule on the clarity of the question and the threshold of success. Who else would support a Western province during this process?

How is Confederation unfair to the West?

The West’s place in Confederation desperately needs to be addressed. We pay disproportionally into all federal transfer programs and equalization while receiving little or nothing back. The result is a huge wealth transfer from West to East. Both Conservative and Liberal governments keep the wealth transfer in place, buying votes in eastern Canada with Western Canadian tax dollars. Only Maverick Party MPs will be truly interested in addressing these inequities.

Why join the Maverick Party?

The Maverick Party is a force for positive change in the West. Adding your voice makes us all stronger. Members have direct input into the Western solutions we propose. It will be your best $10 investment!

Why are volunteers so important?

Without volunteers, there is no party. Volunteers are the boots on the ground. There are many ways to volunteer: join a committee, help with social media, help with events, get the word out, be part of the Western Solution. Even a few hours a week can make a huge difference.

Can I get involved locally?

Yes! Consider getting active in your local Electoral District Association (EDA). Elections Canada requires that all Federal ridings must establish an EDA that is run 100% by volunteers. These important volunteers choose the candidate for their riding who will be your potential Member of Parliament.