Fiscal Responsibility

  1. The Maverick Party supports Western provinces receiving full compensation after opting out of new Federal cost-shared programs.

  2. The Maverick Party supports increased autonomy of western provinces (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba) in the areas of taxation, pension, healthcare, childcare, employment insurance (EI), immigration, energy, environment etc. In addition, the Maverick Party supports the equal treatment of the western provinces in these programs and in any future changes to federal provincial agreements.

  3. The Maverick Party will advocate to prohibit any Federal government from spending, taxing, and legislating in areas of provincial or joint jurisdiction without consent of affected provinces. This position will be aligned with Maverick Party’s Second Proposed Constitutional Amendment: “Provincial Rights Amendment”

  4. Given the recent immense increase in government spending, The Maverick Party supports increased financial support for the Offices of the Auditor General and the Parliamentary Budget Officer.