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  • Manitoba could become Europe's not-so-secret weapon against Russia!

    Posted on December 01, 2022

    The Port of Churchill 

     Back in April of 2022, Peter Mackay wrote an article on the port of Churchill titled: “Manitoba could become Europe's not-so-secret weapon against Russia

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  • Time for Saskatchewan to Prosper

    Posted on November 17, 2022

    On the day his son graduates, Chuck wearing a back brace for his fractured L1 vertebrae is out roping a bull that is out on the lam.


    From the Desk of Saskatchewan Maverick Chuck Toney


    Saskatchewan, hard to spell but easy to draw, is a very resource rich province.  Agriculture, oil, gas, forestry, helium, potash, and uranium are the backbone of our economy here. However, resource development is energy intensive.  At the present time one cannot farm, extract oil or mine without the use of fossil fuels.  Our federal government knows this very well but acts as if oblivious to the fact.  They choose to hamper the fiscal and social well-being of Saskatchewan with their ideology and errant policies.  

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  • The Emancipation of the West

    Posted on October 20, 2022

    A History Lesson


    “I was dismayed to learn how bitterly anti-British LaForest was and how clearly he stated his position that he would do everything possible to advance the position of French-speaking Canadians over English-speaking Canadians.”

    Robert S. Matheson, Q.C.

    [Gerard LaForest was Dean of Law at the UofA, and later Justice on the SCC]

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