Maverick Party proudly supports Freedom Fighter Tamara Lich

Tamara Lich, now a name known across the world, is receiving an award from the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF), known as the George Jonas Freedom Award.

 The first time I saw Tamara, in person, was during the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. She was standing on the back of a big truck, which was parked on Wellington Street in Ottawa, right in front of the Canadian Parliament buildings.

Though small in stature, she spoke passionately. One thing I remember in particular was her asking the crowd to stop hanging the Canadian flag upside down because she wanted unity not division. 

I also clearly remember her leading the crowd of thousands to chant “Peace! Love! Unity!”, repeating it over and over.   

Hardly the act of criminal. Instead, it was a moment in Canadian history that should be remembered.  

This is why I firmly agree that Tamara deserves this award, and I am relieved that she will be able to receive it in person. As icing on the cake, Rex Murphy will be the keynote speaker. That is an honor in itself.  

Tamara has been, and continues to be, treated unfairly by our government and the media.  This must remain on our minds; we cannot allow the federal government to think we have forgotten.  

Congratulations Tamara, on behalf of myself and the Maverick Party.

Well done.  

Colin Krieger 

Maverick Party Leader