Maverick Party proudly supports Tamara Lich

Press Release July 20, 2022

There has been much debate over the Tamara Lich situation usually revolving about the merits of the convoy itself or her involvement. 

But the real concern is the shocking lack of due process. Tamara is a normal, every day, small town, Saskatchewan born Canadian. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, musician, and friend. She has strong ties to the community. She has no criminal record and is not a flight risk. 

Yet she was held in jail for weeks without bail or a trial on a minor charge related to an event that was long over. The convoy protest had ended weeks before. When finally released she was given an oppressive shopping list of conditions that clearly violated many of our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of speech, association and movement.  Yet she abided grateful to be finally out of jail.

She was then suddenly whisked back again to jail allegedly when a photo was posted showing her in the same room as another convoy spokesperson. A room that she had court permission to be at. She is now being held again without bail or trial. Why even have a Charter of Rights that promises a fair trial without unreasonable delay when it can be easily tossed aside.

When the justice system ceases to be transparent, fair or just with one citizen of our country then who will stop it from happening to other citizens for little or no cause?  The actions taken against Tamara Lich should be alarming and offensive to any Canadian who expects fairness from our criminal system. 

How did we even get here?

Tamara was living a quiet life in Medicine Hat. She became a valuable member of the Maverick board because she cares deeply about Western Canada, personal freedom and free choice.  She saw many of her friends suffering due to COVID related mandates. So, when the convoy started, she took a leave from the board to travel to Ottawa with her friends.

Along the way she started a small go fund me page expecting a raise awareness and perhaps a few thousand dollars to help cover costs of the trip. It succeeded in both beyond anyone's imagination. In fact, the entire convoy succeeded beyond imagination. 

Tens of thousands of Canadians from across the country stood outside in frigid temperatures to cheer the convoy on. Thousands joined. Millions of dollars were donated. This should have been a clear and unprecedented sign to Trudeau that the Canadian people, who he was elected to serve, were concerned, passionate and even angry about this issue. 

Yet instead of having an honest conversation and hearing their concerns he simply ignored the thousands of Canadians outside his door hoping they would go away. They didn't. Instead of dialogue like a real leader Trudeau hid behind the Emergencies Act, which resulted in a massive and unnecessary police response costing the taxpayer millions. A move akin to swatting flies with a shotgun. Police did not ask for or need it. The protest was peaceful and could easily have been dispersed using regular means. 

When the law is used as a bludgeon against those a leader does not agree with then we have edged into fascism. Who is next? Recently millions of Canadians were deemed potential criminals when their legally owned firearms were arbitrarily declared prohibited, not by an act of government but a stroke of Trudeau's pen. 

Will the police soon be knocking on doors to ensure all these weapons are accounted for? How many Canadians might find themselves detained for weeks on simple suspicion because they are against government overreach? Our protections against such action have been breached. 

That is clearly the case against Tamara Lich. A rather ordinary woman who was passionate about what she saw as an injustice. She did not start or control the convoy. It was a movement that evolved on its own. She simply started a small GoFundMe page that went viral and captured the passion of thousands of Canadians. 

When passion and peaceful protest become a crime in Canada then we as a free country are lost. 

Maverick party stands with Tamara Lich.

Any questions regarding Tamara can be directed to [email protected]