Maverick the Ally of the Western Provinces in Ottawa!


Premier Danielle Smith is looking to take a bite out of an intruding Ottawa to protect Alberta Sovereignty.  Her leadership platform closely mirrored the Maverick Party's Take Back message. 

Ever since Stephen Harper helped author the Alberta Agenda in the 2001 Firewall Letter to Premier Klein Conservative Albertans have stood up against Federal overreach into provincial affairs and demand a voice at the table.  We hope that all western premiers follow Ms. Smith's lead standing against Ottawa. 

Quebec's successful Sovereignty plan followed a simple three step process.   First was get control of the Provincial government through the Parti Quebecois in 1976.  Second was to have a voice in Ottawa with the Bloc winning 54 seats in 1993. Third was to introduce legislation at both levels of government that clearly supported Quebec interests.

To accomplish the Western Canadian Fair Deal, we deserve we must do the same.  We need provincial leaders like Smith to stand against the Ottawa's misguided confiscation of private property and their Woke based interference in our local economy through restrictions on energy and agriculture production injuring not only all Canadians but also our international partners.  

Western Provinces need a stanch ally in Ottawa who will unabashedly advocate on their behalf. A voice that cannot be muted because it might offend eastern voters needed to win the Prime Minister's office. A voice that will not take western voters for granted.

While the CPC advocates for some of our rights they cannot be government without catering to Eastern interests where they need to win more MP seats.  Maverick MPs has no problem boldly and unapologetically working only for western Canadian interests.

The Maverick party will happily support a CPC federal government if they remain loyal to Western interests. Western Canadians deserve nothing less.

With a new premier finally willing to stand against Ottawa we need the Maverick party in Ottawa more than ever. Please help support a true Western Canadian fair deal with a small donation today.

Colin Krieger 

Maverick Party Leader,  

Your Public Servant.