Our Children's future is in our hands


Yesterday I paid $125 to fill my truck with fuel. $1.70 per litre!!! 

In Alberta, with one of the largest oil deposits in the world. A place where we literally make fuel. It seems everything is going up in price – except for wages and revenue. So much of the production and value of western resources is negatively affected by specifically targeted, anti-western, Liberal legislation. Liberals who are chosen and brought to power by Eastern and Central Canada, often before a single vote is even counted in the West. No matter which party you supported.

I get it. The city of Toronto has a greater population than all of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba combined... They also have more federal seats than our three Western provinces.


If any party wants to form government, then they need those seats. Despite his best efforts to sell out western challenges for eastern votes Erin O'Toole failed to win and now the Conservative Party of Canada is selecting a new leader to do it better. But what will change?

For decades Western Conservative and Liberal MPs have been forced to vote on issues that were clearly against Western interests. The only party in Canada that stands up for its constituents is the Bloc Quebecois...  If an issue supports, the sovereignty of Quebec they will vote for it... if not... they vote against. Clear and Simple. 


The Maverick Party offers the same clear and simple solution for the West. In the House of Commons if an issue supports Western success, we will vote for it. If not. then we will vote against. We have no Party Whip... Every MP has a free vote on every issue.


As the new Maverick Party leader, I have committed myself to growing this party to be a force to be reckoned with. In Peace River-Westlock we grew our EDA to over 500 members giving us leadership and volunteers in the last election. This is vital going into the next election, so I have committed myself and the Party to making that happen to every EDA before the end of 2022. During that time, we will also be adding new EDA's. One for every riding in Western Canada. We will then see each of those also increase membership to 500. 


This means 20,000 members by 2022 and 50,000 members by 2023. 


The federal government has been slowly and relentlessly stripping away our property rights, job security, entrepreneurship, personal freedoms, and constitutional rights with the façade of security, control, and fear. It is time for a united strategy, provincial and federal, demanding change for the West. The Maverick Party in Ottawa, along with committed provincial governments here at home. We can be that voice of change in Ottawa.

If you agree with the necessity of change then please start talking to your family, neighbours, and friends. The Maverick party will be hosting get to know us events in your community all summer long and I will be there. Show up and let us know your issues. Invite others. Make sure your membership is current and invite others to join.


Margaret Mead once said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  


As I write this, I watch my kids walk down the driveway to the school bus, and I realize, once again, why we must do this. For them and their future. Together we can make a difference. Let me know what you think. What are you passionate about? I am here to listen. 


Your Servant and Maverick Party Leader


Colin Krieger