Give US A Break From The Carbon Tax This Winter

Maverick understands that the cost of living is increasing at a pace that families can't keep up with.

Inflation continues to skyrocket and the costs of essentials keep rising.

Many Canadians will soon have to choose between food on their tables or heat in their homes and we at Maverick believe that's an unacceptable choice to have to make.

The reality is that Canadians can no longer afford to pay the increased costs associated with Carbon Tax.  It's simply too much.  

Maverick has always opposed the Federal Carbon Tax.

The government should be looking for simple ways to help Canadians get through what will be the most expensive winter in memory.

We need a break! We need to get our heads above water long enough to take a breath!  Canadians are drowning financially and action is required now!

Petition to the parliament of Canada


Inflation is escalating dramatically and Canadians are being forced to choose between food on their tables or heat in their homes.  Rising costs are putting immense stress onto Canadian families.

Carbon taxes are arguably meant to change behaviour. Yet, higher commodity prices are doing that already without the added extra burden of unnecessary taxation.

The federal government can alleviate some of the burden by declaring a Carbon Tax moratorium on New Year's Day 2022.

We call on Canada’s Parliament to suspend collecting their Carbon Tax from January 1st until April 1st, 2022 and give Canadian’s a break!

Sign here to tell Canada’s Parliament to give Canadians a break from the Carbon Tax!

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Give us break from the Carbon Tax this winter

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