Prince George - Peace River - Northern Rockies, BC

Dave Jeffers



I am a Western-Canadian family man, have been married to Michele Jeffers for 28 years this May, and together we have two daughters. I am also a businessman with an extensive and successful career with science-based companies trying to improve all aspects of responsible resource development.

Like many other Western Canadians, I have seen the futility of voting for the status quo while expecting different results, and like you, I’m concerned for our future generations. Because of this, I embrace and support the Maverick Party guiding principles.

I’ve spent the past few decades building effective teams and mentoring individuals to help them reach their greatest potential. Growing business to top tier status and generating results that are sustainable, balanced, and beneficial for our communities. I drive the team approach while recognizing and encouraging individual strengths and performance that allows people to be the best that they can be.

Prior to entering the business community in NE BC, I was extremely fortunate to travel all over North America with my wife while competing in the sport of rodeo. Participating in rodeo provided me the opportunity to travel to many destinations all over the world. I have travelled from coast to coast to coast in Canada and have been fortunate to visit every province and territory and have enjoyed learning about each unique area and the individuals within them.  I have a true sense of what this country is and what our resources have contributed.

Our western way of life has had a profound impact on my viewpoints, and I have developed a deep respect for nature and our environment. Whether ranching and raising horses, or simply enjoying the splendour of the outdoors with friends and family, I am keenly aware of the balance between developing resources fairly and preserving this country for future generations.  Recognizing the importance of maintaining access to backcountry activities while developing our resources is paramount to ensuring our future generations can grow and thrive in our region.

Building success in business has developed my ability to recognize value and fiscal prudence. I have the skills needed to unlock our unlimited potential.

Dave believes it’s time for the West to shine, and he is ready to represent the people of Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies in the riding, and in Ottawa.

For more information, contact [email protected]