Political Opportunism

In April 2020 Gabriel Wortman took the lives of 22 Nova Scotians in a deadly premeditated rampage with illegally obtained firearms. 

We now know that the Liberal government tried to interfere with the RCMP investigation to play politics. Sadly, I am not surprised as we have seen this type of dishonorable behavior before and can add this to the list. I have attached a news article to give you more details.


Rarely do we see so many reasons for the Maverick Party’s existence from one single event.

“Pushing back against federal government overreach” has become my mantra. Investigating this senseless crime needed no involvement from the Prime Minister’s office, in fact, the only reason was to advance an agenda that had nothing to do with increased public safety. An agenda built on lies and political opportunism at its absolute worst – built literally on the lives of innocent Canadians. 

A bedrock principle of the Maverick party is the necessity for western provinces to move toward greater autonomy such as having their own police service. While I have no specific quarrel with the RCMP they are federally operated and directly responsible to Ottawa. If this crime had occurred in a jurisdiction outside of RCMP control, Justin Trudeau would not have as much opportunity to interfere or obstruct the truth for political gain. Some have said having our own police would be more expensive, but value is not always measured by money. Principles matter. Integrity matters.

Another manipulation by the Liberal government was to warp the facts regarding the crime itself and the weapons used to perpetrate it. It is clear that the Liberals and NDP want to ban many distinct types of guns even resorting to manipulated details of gun crime to further this agenda.  The guns used in this shooting were illegally smuggled into Canada and Wortman was not lawfully allowed to buy any guns. The new draconian liberal gun laws would have done nothing to stop him.

The Maverick Party is the only political option on the federal stage that you can count on for truth. Our allegiances are not split, we have no other masters, we will only be responsible to you, the Western Canadian voter. 

 My goal is to put 70 Maverick members in the House of Commons. This will free the CPC to create a solid campaign agenda to win votes in the east vital to forming government. Together we will win the House through coalition and cooperation. The Canadian West will finally have the voice it deserves. 

Tell your friends, get them to join our movement.

Only when we work together can we make a difference.

Your Servant and Leader of the Maverick Party

Colin Krieger