Maverick Party applauds Premier Scott Moe for acting on our recommendation to become a nation

On May 25, 2021, Maverick's interim leader Jay Hill sent an open letter to Premier's Kenney and Moe recommending the provinces move forward to become a Nation within a Nation.

Maverick Party applauds Premier Scott Moe for acting on our recommendation for Saskatchewan to become a Nation within a Nation.

Open letter to Premier Scott Moe
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Two days ago, in an interview with Roy Green, Premier Moe made his plans for a Saskatchewan Nation clear. When asked if Saskatchewan was interested in becoming a Nation within a Nation, Moe answered clearly.

"Absolutely! Saskatchewan is going to make every attempt and every effort to start to flex our autonomy, to flex our provincial muscles within the Nation of Canada." Moe said.

"We're going to be looking for every opportunity for us to carve out our provincial autonomy. Whether it be in the energy industry, weather it be in the immigration file, whether it be in the collection of taxes."

“I think you're going to see you know, many more steps just like that in the weeks and months and even the years ahead, as long as this federal government continues to work against the province's best interests.”

The same day Hill wrote his open letter in May, the Western Standard reported on the letter, highlighting Quebec Premier Legault's pride about Quebec's new Language law and it's status new as a Nation within a Nation.

“When I think of all the generations that have succeeded and managed to keep French alive, on a massively English-speaking continent, I realize the great responsibility I have,” Legault said in a facebook post.

“French in Quebec will always be threatened. And every generation has a responsibility to ensure their survival. It’s our turn to carry the torch, our turn to protect our tongue with pride. As the prime minister of Quebec, my first duty is to protect our language,” he said.

"This law will be the strongest action to protect our language, since the passage of Law 101 in 1977. Our language is at the heart of what we are as a nation." Legault added.

Despite Moe trail blazing ahead with his plans for Saskatchewan, there is no word yet from Kenney or any other Western Premiers on future Nationhood for their provinces.


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