Maverick Party Position on “Freedom Convoy”

January 24, 2022, Calgary, AB

Jay Hill, Interim Leader of the Maverick Party released the following comments today regarding the Freedom Convoy 2022 that is traveling to Ottawa.

Maverick Party is not directly involved in the "Freedom Convoy", although some Maverick members and supporters have chosen to support the convoy. Maverick does not support anti-vaccination but does support freedom-of-choice and a citizen's right to decide what they do with their own bodies. Maverick supports Canadian's right to participate in peaceful protest when they feel compelled to draw their government's attention to important issues. Like the majority of Canadians, most Maverick members have chosen to be vaccinated, some have not. Our party will not condemn either for their choice.

People with close ties to the Liberal Party have attacked the Maverick Party as being, “white supremist, separatists”. We condemn all level of racism and extremism.

Maverick Party is proud of our open and inclusive platform. Our policies are based on common sense and what is Best for the West.

When asked to comment on the intent of the Convoy, Tamara Lich, one of the organizers said, “This (convoy) is not about vax or anti-vax or covid. It is about restoring Canada’s rights and freedoms. Freedom to open businesses, freedom to hug your friends, go to restaurants and movies, etc.”


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