Maverick Party Slams Trudeau for Refusing to Meet with Freedom Convoy Organizers

February 9, 2022, Calgary, AB “Our country is in democratic disarray”, said Jay Hill, Interim Leader of the Maverick Party. “What began as a convoy with hundreds of supporters has become a Canada-wide rallying cry of millions of Canadians to restore our freedoms.”

“While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau still refuses to meet with Truckers or any of the Freedom Convoy organizers, he continues to make insulting and irresponsible claims of extremism and harassment, and nonsensical allegations of violence and hatred,” said Hill.

Our selfie-loving Prime Minister has met with other activists and celebrities at every opportunity in the past, sometimes even joining their protests and marches, so why is he so afraid to speak or meet with Ms. Tamara Lich, the convoy’s key organizer?

“I remind Canadians that in last fall’s election 80% of Canadians either didn’t vote or voted against their Liberal candidate. With only 20% support from the electorate the Liberals have no mandate to suppress Canadian freedoms and values.” remarked Hill.

The Prime Minister has shown a blatant disrespect for Canadians in his efforts to sabotage the protesters¸ while Ottawa’s Liberal Mayor, Jim Watson, has declared a State of Emergency, implying Ottawa citizens have something to fear.

Since our inception, Maverick Party has remained steadfast in our support of freedom, and opposition to mandates that pit Canadians against one another.


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