What are the Trudeau Liberals Doing to Combat Real Terrorism?

February 18, 2022, Calgary, AB The violent attack on Coastal GasLink in Houston, BC by masked assailants has resulted in millions of dollars in damage and left employees fearing for their safety.

While Justin Trudeau is determined to undermine democracy by invoking the Emergencies Act to remove peaceful, non-violent protesters on Parliament Hill, Maverick Party calls on the Prime Minister to condemn the true acts of terrorism in BC.

“Where are the tracking dogs, the helicopters, how can the perpetrators not be apprehended in the middle of nowhere, and why hasn’t Trudeau condemned these acts of violence and terrorism?” asked Jay Hill, Interim Leader of the Maverick Party.

Reportedly, Canada has now become a police state where independent journalists are prevented from witnessing and reporting on the arrests of peaceful protestors because they’ve dared to inconvenience downtown Ottawa. Yet, when it comes to real acts of terrorism in Western Canada and attacking pipelines, the government fails to mobilize the necessary forces to apprehend and hold real terrorists responsible.

Maverick Party condemns these acts of true terrorism, calls on the Prime Minister to use the powers of the Emergencies Act to apprehend the criminals in BC, and belatedly negotiate with the peaceful Canadian citizens in their nation’s capital.

Hill concluded:” It is never too late to do the right thing, Mr. Trudeau!”


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