"Will you end your silence...?" Maverick Candidate of Record, Josh Wylie demands his MP speak up.

17 days have past since voters went to the polls in Canada's last, and arguably most unwanted election in recent memory and for 17 days, Western Conservative MP's continue to stay silent about Alberta's pending referendum on the principle of the federal equalization program.

As frustrating as it was to listen to the dead silence from the Conservative Party on equalization during the election period, it was at least understandable. Otoole's clear shift to the centre made him unrecognizable to those in the party that voted for the "true blue" man he made himself out to be during his leadership race. His unexpected preference for positions that were seemingly favorable to voters in the GTA and his apparent fear of angering voters in Quebec put his Western MP's and candidates in a tight place. They were told to get on board or be booted from the party.

That election is now finished, and it seems his Western MP's still remain tightly muzzled on the issues that their constituents care about, for how long no one knows.

Maverick Candidate of Record for Foothills AB, Josh Wiley recently penned an open letter to his MP, John Barlow (CPC), asking the same.

"Given the increase in the cost of living and general hardships Albertans will continue to experience from a hostile federal government it is critical that our federal representatives inform the people of Alberta of the importance to vote YES to end Equalization." wrote Josh.

"Will you end your silence and put your constituent's interest to end Equalization ahead of your Parties' political ambitions in Quebec?"

"Your office has ample resources to research and distribute information to your constituents on the Equalization cost they are bearing and it is in their best interest that you immediately do so." Josh argued.

It's a norm for MPs to make an effort to respond to all letter that arrive to them from constituents, and indeed they should. To date, Wylie has not received a response.


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