Prince Albert, SK

Heather Schmitt


Heather is a small business owner from Carrot River, Saskatchewan. In 2016, upon completion of her diploma in Business Administration from Lakeland College, she started her own business; HS Performance Horses, providing equine therapy. She soon expanded into cattle, wanting to better share what goes on at the farm with consumers, and her passion for connecting with people on a personal level when it comes to food and health.

Heather turned her small cattle operation into a farm-gate beef sales business operating as Schmitt Organics. She also does contract work in Organic Certification as the Administrator of TCO Chapters 3 and 5 under TransCanada Organic Certification Services.

Heather has been involved with 4-H, both as a past member and leader, and continues to help out as much as possible. She learned many business skills through her involvement with 4-H and formed friendships that will last a lifetime. 4-H teaches young people how to be involved in the community, work hard for common goals, and celebrate fellowship in and out of the competition ring.

Heather is an avid barrel racer and loves to be involved in events all over Western Canada with her horse trailer filled with competitive athletic horses. If horses are involved, you’ll see her there!

Heather is the Maverick Party candidate for the Prince Albert riding. Maverick was launched because Western Canadians have been pushed to the brink of exasperation, demanding change, fairness, and recognition and receiving none. The Party has grown quickly as the West seeks constitutional changes or the need for independence.

Unlike any other federal Party, the Maverick Party will only represent the best interests of the West. Join us and be a part of our determined, grassroots, nation-building community. We are holding onto what we built and what makes us proud to be Western Canadians.