Red Deer Lacombe, AB

Harry Joujan


Candidate for Red Deer Lacombe, AB


Harry was born in Lethbridge and raised in Kelowna by immigrant parents. His father worked hard to become a successful builder while his mother looked after their eight children. Together they modeled the values of honesty, integrity, and hard work, which Harry has endeavored to hand down to his own 3 children and 6 grandchildren.

Harry worked in the construction industry and the oil/gas sector for 10 years before owning and operating a thriving flooring business from Inuvik NWT across the entire north. In that process Harry gained insight into the logistical challenges that face a vast country. After leaving the north Harry joined with a partner to build a successful Carpet Store in Medicine Hat. Two years ago, he moved to Red Deer to be closer to his family. Here he feels very much at home surrounded by the hardworking families who share his values and face similar challenges.

Harry has been an active participant in each community he has called home. Over the years he has taken on roles in municipal Council and as President of the Chamber of Commerce and President of the Lions Club.

"I have always felt the disconnect between western concerns and Ottawa's priorities. The unique culture and concerns of the western provinces have always been overshadowed, and largely ignored by central and eastern Canadian politicians grasping for power.

The western provinces and territories need representation in Ottawa that is not beholden to central and eastern Canadian desires but rather focuses solely on what is positive for Westerners.

As a Maverick Party Member of Parliament, I will focus on the needs of the people of Red Deer-Lacombe and always ensure that western concerns are loudly heard regarding any legislation that affects the west."