Democratic & Constitutional Reform

  1. The Maverick Party supports the use of democratic tools such as referenda and citizens initiatives. We will strongly advocate for far greater use of these tools of direct democracy. Citizens increasingly distrust governments and politicians; these exercises in citizen participation could help overcome the growing lack of respect and confidence in those we elect.

  2. The Maverick Party will advocate to change the Federal government and courts overreach into provincial jurisdictions. We will advocate for constitutional change to limit the power of the Federal courts to intercede into areas of federal and provincial jurisdiction, such as the recent Supreme Court ruling that upheld the Liberal’s national carbon tax.

  3. The Maverick Party supports fair and balanced representation of Federal Civil service and Federal offices in western Canada. We will advocate for the decentralization of the Federal civil service and offices to Western Canada to better serve the unique interests of Canadians in the four western provinces.

  4. The Maverick Party supports restrictions and limitations on the number and types of Orders-in-Council permitted by a government during its term of office.