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Tariq Elnaga

Leadership Candidate

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Tariq was a Maverick Party candidate in the September 2021 election, running in the Banff-Airdrie riding in Alberta. He moved to Airdrie from Dubai in 2012 after visiting Calgary during the annual Stampede and falling in love with the “western way of life”.

Since it was the spirit of the West that drew Tariq to the West, he quickly got involved and began volunteering in his community, at rodeos and agriculture events. Professionally, Tariq began working in the Oil & Gas industry, leveraging his background in engineering and human relations.

In 2016, Tariq became a proud Canadian citizen.

Tariq noted, “As a Western Canadian, I quickly learned how unfairly the West is treated by Ottawa and I want to be a strong voice for Western Canadians, our industries, and values. The West cannot succeed if we concede to Ottawa.”

Today, Tariq is the owner of a ranch services business, runs his own HR consulting practice and is active in his community. He holds both a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering and an MBA.