Trade & Industry

  1. The Maverick Party supports participation in negotiating and implementing international agreements affecting the West’s interests. We will push for the western provincial representatives to be at the negotiating table and to participate in any international agreements that affect the interests of western Canadians and in particular, our natural resource industries.

  2. The Maverick Party will advocate for the reduction of trade barriers within Canada and promote free trade across provincial jurisdictions.

  3. The Maverick Party will advocate for cross-border rights-of-way and transportation corridors. We support the creation of national energy corridors to develop Energy East, Trans Mountain, Keystone XL, Northern Gateway and potential new pipeline routes such as Fort McMurray to Valdez, Alaska and Fort McMurray to Churchill, Manitoba. This position will be aligned with Maverick Party’s First Constitutional Amendment Market Access.

  4. The Maverick Party supports the design and advancement of regional strategies for northern development. We will advocate for the federal government and northern territories to pursue discussions on northern development strategies to increase employment and business opportunities for the West and North. The importance of mining and exploration for rare and essential minerals should be a priority including oil and gas in the context of assisting other nations, especially the world’s large emitters, in reducing their global green house gas emissions.