Trudeau once again sidestepping democracy.


On August 19th Trudeau is once again sidestepping democracy and the due process parliament to ban the importation of handguns into Canada with another order in council.  This is a rarely used process that allows the PM or Cabinet to create a law (usually to deal with an emergency situation) and avoid debate in Parliament. More and more this is becoming Trudeau's go to process to avoid democratic oversight by other elected officials.


This continuous assault on the lawful property rights of law abiding Canadians cannot remain unanswered. Canada has the most stringent and effective gun laws in the world and one of the lowest incidence of gun violence.  When guns are used in crimes they are most often illegally obtained or modified.  Preventing the illegal importation of weapons should be the federal priority not ones legally owned and sold. 


The Maverick Party policy is clear - only when like-minded western Canadians pull together, on both the federal and provincial levels, will our society be protected. The provinces must assert every measure of autonomy at their disposal, pushing the federal government back into its lane. You can be part of that by doing 3 simple things. 


  1. Vote at every occasion to elect people who believe as we believe that federal overreach is simply wrong.
  2. Join the Maverick party and reach out to at least one other person to join as well. As our numbers grow, so will our voice. 
  3. Get involved in spreading the message even if it is only a few hours a month. Join your local EDA

Every western province needs their own Chief Firearms Officer who can review PAL and RPAL applicants.  Every western province needs their own Provincial Police force to truly safeguard citizens.  We must crack down on illegal guns crossing our provincial borders. We need tough laws against crimes committed with firearms.  Maverick believes that public safety is found by holding criminals accountable for their actions and not by punishing law abiding gun owners.  


We cannot count on the Canadian Conservative Party to help. To become government the CPC must also count on the same voting bloc in eastern Canada as the Liberals are. That is where the votes are no matter who their leader is. The Maverick Party is here to free the CPC from western responsibility so they can take the fight to the liberals on their own ground.  


We have learned from the past and unlike the Reform Party will not change our heading. We will be the voice the West needs to bring back common sense to parliament. We will also work with the provinces, helping them to achieve the protective measures of autonomy they need to stop the federal government's overreach. 


Please join us. We cannot succeed without you. We need your membership to give weight to our message. We need your time to make sure voters hear our voice. We need your financial support to spread the message. 


Colin Krieger  

Your Public Servant,  

Maverick Party Leader