Western and Northern Canadians are at a crossroads!


Canada is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world with a population density under 4 people per square kilometre, which ranks 228th in the world. We occupy 4 time zones, 15 Ecozones, and very diverse regions by employment, weather and natural resources. Persons living in Nova Scotia face dramatically different issues than those in Central BC. 


It is time to abandon the erroneous concept that a federal government in Ottawa can create one size solutions for all of Canada.  It is time to abandon the erroneous concept that Western Canada is fairly represented in Ottawa when most elections are decided before a single western Canadian vote is even counted. 


“Those closest to the problem are generally closest to the solution” is a mantra proven time and time by history. Distance rulers and administrators continually make problems worse because they have never lived with them. 


The premiers in Atlantic Canada are more likely to find solutions for their citizens than anyone in Ottawa given the resources to do so. Quebec has been saying that for 50 years and fighting for the right to self manage their province. We can all learn from their example. 


The Maverick Party was founded on the premise that we in the West are best able to manage our natural resources, our economy, our health care, our education system and our police resources as guaranteed under the constitution. We can collect our own taxes. We can care for our elderly in retirement. We can forge strong and enduring partnerships with the First Nation citizens living in our borders.  


Western Canada does not need to have Ottawa collect our tax money in buckets and then returned by the tablespoon with conditions and red tape. We do not need Federal handouts or legislation that directly affect our ability to care for ourselves or our trade partners that depend upon us. 


For Canada to survive and function we need a new solution. We need a Western Solution which does not divide Canada but recognizes regional diversity and respects regional autonomy. We do not need MPs in Ottawa deciding the fate and future of Western Canada. We do however need true Western MPs at the federal table who can speak up for Western diversity. MPs who are not interested in forcing their will on other areas of the country but who solely and consistently represent the needs of their residents. For Western Canada that is the Maverick Party. 


You can view the full Western Solution here


Colin Krieger 

Maverick Party Leader 

Your Public Servant.