Yorkton-Melville, SK

Denise Loucks


Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Denise considers herself a true Western Canadian first and foremost. Denise and husband, Dale, have been married for 32 years, and have two sons they are extremely proud of – one is in Geo-science and the other is on a career track with CN Rail. Both sons were raised to be fiscally responsible.

After over 24 years working in the family business in the road construction industry, Denise decided it was time to let other family members take over her job. Although like many family-run businesses, there was little time for Denise and her husband to relax and enjoy time with family and to pursue other business interests, she still found time to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, Festival of Trees, and the Gas Line Committee.

Denise, like many Western Canadians, believes there must be change if the West can achieve a brighter future for generations to come. She believes Western Canada has been taken advantage of by Ottawa and Central Canada and paid more than our share for the betterment of other provinces, while Western Canada continues to struggle.

Western Canadians are blessed with an indominable spirit, and Denise believes we must harness that to achieve a better deal for the West, become a true partner in confederation, or pursue an independent western nation.

Denise couldn’t sit on the sidelines any longer. It’s time for all Western Canadians to stand up to Ottawa and make our dreams a reality. It’s time to send Maverick Party MPs to Ottawa, and Denise would be honoured to represent the people of Yorkton-Melville in Saskatchewan.